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last summer was swimming and titans..this summer was swimming and ghouls…either way humanity is being eaten

a little too corny, Tsukiyama?

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.

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long time no post! been busy with school @_@ probably won’t be posting again for another long while 

thanks for all the follows lately even though i’ve been inactive as hell T_T

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Anonymous: Hey. I just randomly came across your post about your art and college today. I have the unique experience of having attended art school and currently live in Japan. I have also been in a hiring position for animators in both countries. If you want to make it in the art world in America, you have to do what they say. The stigma against anime/manga style is real. Unless you're the best in the country or Japanese, it's never, ever going to happen. Get good at art, then do what you want. - Peace

Umm I’m not sure how I’m supposed to respond to this but ok I’ll keep that in mind.


Isn’t there something weird about this?

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this game’s kept me sane for the past few days

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you’ll never guess what I ship the most in gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun…

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Bitter Anthology Story #5

Feel free to do whatever with my scans (translations, icons, edits) although a link back would be nice if you feel like it! Please support the official product.

Obligatory Harutaka

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Today i was told that drawing anything manga/anime is pretty much automatic fail score from the college board and i was so pissed because why isn’t it respected as an actual art why should i have to fail a project just because of my style

Because no (good) animator, manga artist, comic artist draws JUST anime or only anime. and it’s not “your” style, it’s “a” style. Like Ligne Claire is a style, like Art Nouveau is a style, like realism, surrealism, abstraction, impressionism, these are all styles. But each artist from every “style” in rooted in the same understanding of CONCEPTS like form and line, has drawn from the real human figure, has worked in gesture, or contour. 

Colleges look for the potential to LEARN to have VARIETY to have a willingness to explore every inch of the world and put in on a canvas, or a movie screen, in a comic. And every inch of the world includes learning about every kind of art in the world. 

Being in college, in an animation program, coming from an “anime” filled childhood, I see the REAL problem with the anime “style”. It’s NOT the style that has gotten the bad reputation. It’s the STUDENTS. The ones I see clinging onto that style, saying its just “their” style, are the ones who are the least willing to try something new, to learn outside their comfort zone. They whine about projects that don’t accommodate their style, they whine when a teacher suggests another way of drawing, illustrating, when ANY kind of critique is given. They whine when Adobe Illustrator doesn’t do what they want cause they think it’s Photoshop. They are the LEAST inspired, because they limit their sources, and they are only willing to stretch their imagination so far. I have people in my class who are even DEFIANT about coming up with original ideas, and instead cling to FANART of all things. They cling to other peoples ideas. 

I came into college knowing that my anime style was not going to be my main style. I threw it away not because the college demanded, but because I knew it was littered with bad habits and narrow minded thinking. I wanted to try more styles, I wanted to learn as many ways of drawing as I could, so I could make some damn fine animations based on many cultures, many periods of art history, and as much knowledge as I could squeeze into my little head. Not everyone came into the program thinking this way, and their art is suffering for it. My anime art is getting better, theirs is stagnating. Also, I found that I actually like Ligne Claire better than anime, and maybe even Art Neavou. Who knew right? Herge has become my favorite artist. Wow. 

You wanna be an artist? an animator? a game designer? Be flexible, be creative, open you mind, learn to love every frigging corner of the world. Make everything your ART, not your STYLE. 

Excuse me, despite my ignorant and narrow-minded brain I feel the need to defend myself. 

I do understand that I need to branch out and experiment with new things. I am aware that I cannot always stick to manga/anime style (or if you hate the word “style” so much, let’s go with art). 

However, for one thing I’m going to explain the background of my post, which I really didn’t feel was necessary since I posted this on my blog to release steam and not make a statement: the class I am taking is helping me put together a portfolio to submit to college in one year, and I was told yesterday that anything anime/manga is banned. Do I plan to march up to the teacher or the college board and whine about not being able to draw the way I usually do? Do I plan to sit around and complain about not being allowed to draw fanart? No, I do not. I accept that there are other forms of art that I should learn and are vital to understanding in order to get a proper career. The thing I was upset about was that my instructor told the class to draw in a way we are comfortable with to show our personalities, yet within the same class said that drawing anime will be automatically rejected (for the record, I don’t blame my teacher, because I know he’s just trying to help us get a good score).

I was frustrated with this because I am also frustrated with my lack of ability in other mediums and types of art. I know it is important to develop more skills and I fully intend to, but in the limited time range I have to put together my work I also know that I do not have the talent or nearly enough time to branch out. 

Another thing I would like to point out is that in saying that anime is “my style”, I don’t intend to claim it as only mine and my only way of drawing. I have never said I don’t love or try to appreciate any other type of art either. I only meant to say that it is the style in which I enjoy and am used to drawing, as well as most proficient in, and am worried/upset about the fact that the work I am going to submit to represent me may not display the few existing skills that I do have. 

Today i was told that drawing anything manga/anime is pretty much automatic fail score from the college board and i was so pissed because why isn’t it respected as an actual art why should i have to fail a project just because of my style

In my animation class today my teacher said “One day I bet we’ll be developing gaming systems that actually immerse you in the game!” and right then i heard a whole bunch of people whisper “SAO”


bunny friends looking at the sky together 

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