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Hi! I mostly post Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors and a few other things along the way. Check my about page if you'd like! uwu

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Hello Twitter Doodles Art About Thanks For Visiting


By Endolu

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

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     "Let's daze"
Don't wipe out your heart
    "Let's change"
Don't shed tears alone

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ok here’s something for you to do listen carefully

play this video but mute it

and then

open this one up but DO NOT have it muted

then play both videos and watch and feel emotions you’ve never felt before

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(*^^*) Goodnight or have a nice day everyone! When you feel stressed, take time to pause and reorganize your thoughts. Remember there may be important things right in front of you!

That person who followed you since you were a newbie and up to now, they’re still following you.


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i HAD to scribble my ot3 in school uniform bl ess shidu

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さんぷる | さんぷる2

By おむ烈

※Permission to upload this was given by the artist.

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days ?

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(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Goodnight and/or have a nice day everyone! 

…and that’s the message yeah have a nice day guys! 

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Anonymous: what would happen in a route in which the dan (miraculously) swapped eye powers??


huhh i wonder what the powers would be… let’s say they’re all shifted off by 1 number so…

kido gets konoha’s power - Kido wished to become a new and different person with no ties to her family. She’s reborn after the flames as a strong but absent-minded girl with no memories, and is taken in by Ayano’s family. Still becomes the leader.

Seto gets Kido’s power - Seto wished the bullies would leave him alone; if only they couldn’t see him! He has to struggle to engage with the world once he has the ability, and it’s hard for him to control it. He spends most of his time avoiding people, and meeting Mary was a big step because he had to overcome his fear of coming close to another person.

Kano gets Seto’s power - Kano wished he could understand what to do to make his mom happy with him. He learns to control his power quickly, but uses it literally all the time, reading the minds of those around him and using what he finds against them.

Mary gets Kano’s power - Mary wished to be able to look like a normal human— alternately she’s just born with this power lol.  she has a tendency of rapid-shifting between guises and it’s really unnerving if you don’t know her well.

Momo gets Mary’s power - Momo always had trouble keeping up with the world, and she wished everyone would just stop for a second so she could keep up. She barely uses her power, but sometimes it goes haywire. I have no idea how this would contribute to her being an idol haha.

Ene gets Momo’s power - She secretly wished to draw Haruka’s attention to her, but as a virus it’s troublesome because people keep asking who Shintaro’s talking to and how she works.

Shintaro… no

Hibiya gets Ene’s power - he wished he could be immortal and use his body to shield Hiyori from all the obstacles, not just one or two of them. He has rather self-destructive behavior, not minding his whereabouts at all even in dangerous situations.

Konoha gets Hibiya’s power - he wanted to be able to find the goddamn food


i’m gonna get that dumb kano phone hoodie if it kills me

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