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Hi! I mostly post Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors and a few other things along the way. Check my about page if you'd like! uwu

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Another ship sunk today (18/4) in Flores, Indonesia with 100 crews in it. Earthquake in Mexico, the Sewol ferry tragedy in South Korea, the erruption of Sinabung in Indonesia, the missing plane MH370, the riots happened in several countries. Instead of #PrayForSouthKorea, #PrayForIndonesia or #PrayForMexico, we probably should #PrayForTheWorld instead. These whole things were so heartbreaking :(

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The happiest sidewalk gum


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Saw a post going around of Mary resesting time line to get a shiny Haruka, her journey continues on



Ask either tatataraTakane or Haruka, or their kids Ene and Konoha! Or you can ask Uncle Shintaro. He’s a loser why would you tho.

((The ask box will be open but it won’t be answered until next week due to exams and such!))

I’M just gonna put this here AND RUN AWAY

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my friend and i couldn’t decide whether or not we should give up on homework and suffer later or keep going so we flipped a coin to decide and now here i am 

ann963 (this is a really late reply) matching your hairstyles that was a cute idea hehe~ 


im laughing because if you watch the official upload for mekakucity actors’ act 1 all you will see in the comments are

kagepro rip-off

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i was supposed to finish something to countdown mekakucity actors last minute then i gave up and decided to finish to celebrate episode one but it’s still not finished and episode two is coming out soon sobs




Okay, so this is the 2nd time that I’ve gotten this message. At first I was like “Oh yeah its just someone who’s trying to get themselves promoted or something but then I got this again and it doesn’t seem right because they changed their name to Victoria suddenly??? When I first got it it was Nathaly but this could be a virus I have no clue, I never went to the website or their tumblr because I don’t want to get any possible viruses on my computer so I might be wrong but just in case please reblog it because I don’t want anyone to get any viruses. If I’m wrong then please tell me and I’ll take this down but for now please reblog this, thank you!

UPDATE: Yeah it’s virus blogs. I’ve gotten them from two different people and their title was the same. One was “Beautiful Landscapes” and the other was “Beautiful Tattoos” and so yeah reblog this really fast before anyone gets the virus ok thanks again. The first blog that sent me this was zinokmass so watch out for zinokmass and labagaww thank you guys so much ignore the message if you get it

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Artwork by Pochi

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my cousin has occupied the computer i use for homework it’s a sign i can keep procrastinating /slaps self


why the fuck cant i have a best friend who lives 30 seconds away from me who always comes over and we just stay at each others houses whenever movies are so deceiving

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